Hell o world!

My identity is not a secret. People call me shido, I was born in Germany and live in India for something like 15 years. As a teenager I was forced to study economic nonsense at a private boarding school for rich spoiled kids. Coming from a middle class family, father was a narcotic cop,  (RIP) mom a housewife, they payed a fortune for something  I couldn’t even finish….. because they kicked me out for a spliff they never found. Looking back I must admit that I am happy that their brain washing didn’t turn me in to a player.


About shido

i don't like to talk....oops what did I just do?
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4 Responses to Hell o world!

  1. Tommy Grimes says:

    ftw with humor, good job Shido

  2. EINFACH & SCHÖN -einfach schön – EINfall fürs WILLI-interaktive FEUILLETON statt für scheinlinke FEUILLETONNEN und anderer Papierkörbe. Schick mir ne Mail… ich will für dieses Projekt der ARBEITERFOTOGRAFIE/jugend (ich bin 67!!) workshops organisieren … die ersten solen beim LINKEN LIEDERSOMMER 2015 auf der Burg Waldeck beginnen..

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