history of capitalism

When I woke up this morning, I was thinking about a story  from my childhood for my blog  when suddenly my brother taught me business as a small kid. We had two seperate rooms on a roof top of a 3 story building which were connected with a tiny corridor. The corridor how ever, just about 2-3 sqaure meter in size was a nice spot to play with our matchbox cars.


On Christmas how ever, we got some sweets from our parents and on the day my sweets were over I was asking my brother for some of his. He said I could have O N E, if I would give him the corridor space in return. Not knowing that the deal was valid for ever, I agreed, took the sweet, finished it off in a second and he (larger brother) never allowed me to use the space again as long we lived in that house.

Now looking back I am not surprised that the first word which came from the lips of my brother were, according to my parents  “AUTO”

This is one of the few memories I have from the time we lived in that house. Another one was a dream, I had over and over again. I was running down the same building to the exit of the the house and when I opened the main door, someone outside was throwing a bucket with a liquid on me which made me melt like an ice cream and then the dream was over……


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i don't like to talk....oops what did I just do?
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