what goes around comes around

armut jewellers

4 days ago I went to axis bank. It was already closed but there was a banker at the door looking at me with big eyes asking “What do you want” He was looking at my t-shirt which says “i am a liar – believe me”

How ever I told him that i want to close my current account because I decided to become a beggar. Confused he looked at me and said “come in the morning” so I left and went back the next morning. On this day i was wearing this t-shirt and the moment I stepped into the bank all the employees were looking at me, some are laughting some are whispering…..it was kind of funny. I went to the first counter and told the guy that I want to close my account. He asked me to sign a paper which I did. Then he was asking me for my atm card and I gave it to him. Then he was filling out a cheque with the remaing money on my bank account and asked me to withdraw it from another counter. I replied “what are you doing with the money of people who died? Do you keep it?” He said yes. Then I replied” well then tell your boss that I am dead, I don’t want to carry around this negative energy with me.” I was putting down a brand new t-shirt on the counter, saying “This is for your boss” and left.

So far i haven’t heard anything of the bank or their boss but I am expecting some kind of an impact…what goes around comes around



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i don't like to talk....oops what did I just do?
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