smoked fish the goan way

smoked makerel 2

Last year I learned from a Goan how they smoke fish. I was really surprised how simple it is because apart from fish, which is usually marinated Mackerel, all you need is a few fresh banana leaves and lots of dry leaves.

After marinating the fish, you put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. After that, you wrap it in the banana leaves (two rounds).

Then you collect dry leaves from your garden and pile it up nice and evenly. On top of it you place a full fresh banana leaf and on top of that you place your wrapped fish. Next step is that you cover it with another fresh banana leaf and then you cover everything with lots of dry leaves.  Now all you need to do is light a matchbox and fire it all up, but make sure to light it from the side were the wind comes so that it burns evenly. After 5 Minutes your fish is ready and trust me, it is delicious, has a smoky flavor and it is as tender as it can get 😉 bon appétit



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