silence is gold

thoughts are coming on their own but THINKING is a choice!

silence is gold





When I talk, I like to talk to people – face to face, eye to eye – not to a mobile phone or a computer….

When I speak out my thoughts intuitively, I am truthful but when I have to think what to say, I’m not truthful – I’m not myself – I’m what others want me to be or I’m what others can take or expect. I’m a different person to anyone if I leave the present moment.

In my life i read something like 5 books. I am kind of a weirdo guy…..a blogger who doesn’t like reading and writing, but hey – my mind is occupied with thoughts. Thoughts which disappear at the very moment time incarnates – second by second. Therefore my memory is poor and when i feel like sharing my thoughts, I struggle to write. Writing pushes me out of the present. Can you type as fast as your thoughts appear? Do you think before you talk? I realized that when I think before I talk, I’m not honest. I believe, none is himself in that case but if ones thoughts make the talk intuitively instead of their thinking does the talk, the truth will come to light. Tasty or bitter…….. that’s up to any ones personal ego. If you believe what you say you don’t need to think – it comes out fluently.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.        In the beginning (paradise) was the Word (singular), and the Word was with God (the whole), and the World was God. 
In the end (hell) were the words (plural/duality), and the words were about peace

LOLbut the flesh was killed.


I  wish I didn’t need to talk at all because talking is fragmenting the word into words and those words created time and misery…….


By talking we miss the present moment. Everything we say is about past events or an imaginary future. The present is formless…… the colors, the salt and pepper we add.

* on top I wanted to insert a link  about a the documentary                                RESONANCE beings of frequency  but somehow it didn’t work. Here is the link


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i don't like to talk....oops what did I just do?
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