My birth name Guido has many meanings, one of it is Holzkind (engl.woodchild)               No wonder i am a carpenter 😉 I love to work with wood but it hurts me to work with wood from trees which had an unnatural death like all the commercial wood from the amazon or even from India were I live. Wood in India is usually not seasoned so when you get it it is much to moist to work with and this was driving me crazy especially when I had to build something with all my love and after a few weeks it would bend or crack or even both. Sometime ago I found a place were you could buy old recycled wood from demolished portuguese villas in Goa. It’s a pity that they have taken down these beautiful buildings and replaced them with ugly modern flats. However, I had found a way to prevent the cutting of living trees and bought some nice big beams.  I had a left over piece which I split in half and joined it with the intention of making a coffee table top. After sanding it, the beauty of the grains came out and I saw the face of an elephant. I saw Ganesh.

* The picture shows the original on the left and a photoshoped layer added to the image  on the right.


About shido

i don't like to talk....oops what did I just do?
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