the forbidden symbol (update)

swastika table top

The swastika (Sanskrit svastika, “all is well”) is a cross with four arms of equal length, with the ends of each arm bent at a right angle. Sometimes the crossing lines are horizontal and vertical and other times they are an angle, forming a central “x” shape. Sometimes dots are added between each arm (e.g. the “swastika rangoli” picture below). (See more Hindu symbols)

The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been found worldwide, but it is especially common in India. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word svasti (sv = well; asti = is), meaning good fortune, luck and well-being. This original meaning of the swastika is a far cry from Western associations of the symbol, which are largely negative. (Also see Hindu beliefs and Hindu fast facts)

The swastika is most commonly used as a charm to bring good fortune (in this case the arms are bent clockwise), but it has a variety of religious meanings as well, which are described below.

On the picture you  see a table top I made a few years ago in a time frame of over two months. Every little circle is made from bamboo which I cut and punched out manually with a tool and a hammer on my own. There are more than 5,000 pieces imbedded into the tabletop with resin and I did the piece with LOVE. I have no associations whatsoever with the German misuse of the symbol in the 3rd Reich. I am married to an Indian and live here for almost 15 years and today I was posting my piece of art in a Austrian forum and they removed it.  This is suppression of the freedom to live the religion of your choice. We should not forbid the sacred symbol which has been part of cultures and religions for thousands of years. As Indians you should stand up and fight for the right to live your religion and not shade out swastikas from your public temples.


Yesterday I was sending a letter to the indian embassy to inform them about the issue. How ever, the moment I ssend the email it was starting to rain. I was running out of the house in underwear and enjoying the blessing from heaven.  After that I went to the bathroom to take a shower and in front of the bathroom I spotted small scorpion. I caught it in a small container to release it the next morning opposite of my house. In between we had some powercuts and then suddenly when the power came back at exactly the same spot were the small scorpion was  suddenly a big black one. Also this one I catched to release it this Morning. how ever, I took the chance to click a picture of them on the table before I released both of them.It was raining and thundering the whole night….

cause and effect



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