Break out

rise higher shine brighter

be free

The prison unto which we condemn ourselves, no prison is. We build glass walls around ourselves and look out at the world from our fortress towers and glass houses.  Comfort and fear condemn us to our glass prisons. We often do not realise that the walls are even there, for they are the clear lens through which we view the world.

Dare to break out of that comfortable or fearful prison. Rise higher and shine brighter through an understanding and acceptance of the barriers we build within and around ourselves. Break down the glass ceilings and walls within yourself and change your world and ours ❤ Then start again, spiralling ever higher. It is a process that is never-ending, but reaps greater and greater rewards for all humankind.

All my love to you on your soul journeys ❤


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i don't like to talk....oops what did I just do?
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  1. Thank you for sharing ❤

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