porco cane

were sweet and salt water unite

Today I went with my wife and our dog Zwiebel to an isolated beach in Morjim for a photo shoot. It was the first time we didn’t take our dog on a line. When we arrived at the entrance to the beach we noticed a tiny shack which wasn’t there before. Inside were two people, probably the “owner” and a foreigner who greeted us with a friendly “good morning” and who had a chilled beer in his hand. They must have been as surprised as I was when they saw the signboard I was carrying with me.

My intention was to make a picture with the signboard on an empty beach because now a days it is difficult to find any access to Goa’s public beaches in the north without having to walk through shacks and shops.  On the way along the river, were the sweet water meets the salty ocean, was (to my surprise) a dead pig lying on the beach. It was at a place where the water was shallow. I wanted to click a picture but my wife asked me to move on towards the ocean.

So we went on along the beach. My intention was to stick the sign board in the sand but but the sand was so hard that it couldn’t stand on its own so I asked my wife to click a picture.

SEE below this post…..

as a baby i was peeing in pampers, as a kid in pools,  as a teenager in the shower and today i did it in the ocean




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  1. d’awwww such panache in their steps

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