How To Control Compulsive Thoughts

tough job but I’m getting there

Steven D. Jennings

What is compulsive thought? It is uncontrolled thinking and it is a result of mindless thinking. Most people suffer from it. When a situation occurs, the mind reacts compulsively.

If the situation is negative, the thoughts will be negative. When the thoughts are negative, it produces negative actions. A lot of people will think negatively when they have nothing else to think of. Negative thoughts come naturally to them.

The remedy: STOP THINKING!!!

Crazy right? But it’s true.

Once you are able to stop a thought, you are then able to control your mind. Master this concept, and you will eliminate compulsive thoughts.

Use your mind. Don’t let it use you.

Learn how to turn off your mind. Learn how to explore your inner being. Meditate on spiritual teachings. LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR MIND. A higher level of consciousness awaits you. Awaken your spirit and seek that realm of…

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