Drum Alliance


If you love drumming and if you think that through music we could inspire
generosity and good will, then join the Drum Alliance – a free flowing drum
session at the 3rd Mouth Harp Festival in Arambol, Goa, India (30th Jan to 1st Feb 2015.)

Join the drum circle and play the cajons available at the stall. The cajons
have been built with with great skill and love. Their value is not derived
from the type of wood or time taken to build each instrument. It is based
on something deeper and truer, an exchange of harmony and joy between the maker of the cajon and the drummer who enjoys playing it.

To honour this exchange the cajons have no price tag. If you enjoy drumming on your instrument pick it up at the end of the festival.

If you are wondering how, check it out for yourself. Meet us at the Yes Us
stall and together let’s spread the power of generosity and abundance



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