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message to the voting cattle


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Alles Schall und Rauch: Enttäuscht: Die 1% besitzen nur die Hälfte der Welt.

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A great documentary by David Crowley who was found dead with his wife and daughter a few days ago. R.I.P.

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Did Humans Walk the Earth with Dinosaurs? Triceratops Horn Dated to 33,500 Years

Did Humans Walk the Earth with Dinosaurs? Triceratops Horn Dated to 33,500 Years.

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copy right

please sign and share  

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the forbidden symbol (update)

The swastika (Sanskrit svastika, “all is well”) is a cross with four arms of equal length, with the ends of each arm bent at a right angle. Sometimes the crossing lines are horizontal and vertical and other times they are … Continue reading

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Today I came across a signboard which drew my attention.  As you can see, at the right side some of the text is missing which made me think, was it the fault of the guy who did the layout or … Continue reading

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