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Originally posted on opablog:
Ich übernehme den folgenden Beitrag vom Saker im Wortlaut: Es waren also bis zu drei Millionen Menschen auf den Strassen von Paris, 40 Staatsoberhäupter eingeschlossen, um den Mord an 17 Opfern einer Reihe von Takfiri-Terrorattacken in…

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How To Control Compulsive Thoughts

tough job but I’m getting there

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copy right

please sign and share  

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All is meaningless

Originally posted on Karen Wilson – Awaken:
Nothing has meaning except the one we choose to give. All is perception, all is reaction. Everything is just the way it is We are the ones putting a meaning on it Either…

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our house music


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behind bars

Today, while I was gluing wood pieces for bongo cajons I heard a peacock yelling in my garden. I picked up a camera from the living room and went back into the workshop to click some pictures of the beautiful … Continue reading

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porco cane

Today I went with my wife and our dog Zwiebel to an isolated beach in Morjim for a photo shoot. It was the first time we didn’t take our dog on a line. When we arrived at the entrance to … Continue reading

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